Thanks for sticking with us while we steadily grow and develop X Craft! We are in the development phase and testing phase of many of the servers basic features!

We have over 100 plugins from Magic and Custom/Elitemobs, Customized Weapons, Items and Loot, and some pretty awesome perks for our donators to give you a unique minecrafting experience here on X Craft! We really look forwards to hosting an awesome server that can be seen as fun for all minecrafters!

Some of the plans to be initated soon are:

1. Implimentation of a 1.13+ Server

2. Implimentation of a mini-games server

3. Completion of tutorial dungeon and 2-3 other full dungeons.

4. Website updates and upgrades

5. Voting system completion

6. Build Team rally and recruitment.

7. Advertising boasts!

8. More bug crushing

9. More to come!

If you are interested in applying for the build team or other position then message me directly on discord.

Here is the servers new discord invite link!

Hope to see you in game!


We hope you like what we are doing here! We are recruitng people now!

Find us on discord: Invite link: jfRW4B6

Pm me for details, we have much more info coming soon!


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